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I am a latina

I am do not exist to cook, clean and fuck

I am not a thing that spits out words in spanish when you put coins in me

My anger is legitimate, not another thing for you to be turned on by

I am capable of coming in different sizes and colors, do not assume i am not a latina based on my appearance

Not your Gloria from modern family, not your devious maid, not your spicy señorita

Not “spanish”, not “hispanic”

I am me, a human, so treat me as one

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I took my glucose test yesterday. I got a call this morning from my nurse and my sugar is at the borderline. I have to go back in a week and do a 3hr testing this time to see more results. I don’t want to worry but I can’t help it, I feel like I haven’t been doing enough. I try so hard.

I really wish I had friends. I feel like a loser everytime my boyfriend has his friends over, I am just all by myself.

To all the beautiful pregnant women out there..

I have a question. Its my first pregnancy. Im 29 weeks. Is it ok to drink hot ginger tea? Its organic ginger lemon tea. Im not feeling so good.

A little frightened…

4 more days and I will be 30 weeks pregnant. I can’t believe how fast this is going now. I better catch up on the sleep I’m never getting ever again!!